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“If a caterpillar can do it, so can you!” ~#MarioCampanaro ©

The Staring Contest Of Your Life


“When you come face-to-face with fear, don’t you dare run away. Look at it in the eye, grin, flip it the bird, and choose to participate in the staring contest of your life.”~#MarioCampanaro ©

If Not You, The Who?


“What in the world makes you think that you are unworthy of beating the odds? If not you, then who? The odds are not against you. Your thoughts are. Time to change that channel.”~#MarioCampanaro ©

Becoming The Answer


“When we cannot find the answer, we must BECOME the answer! Having faith in our own ability to transform obstacles is not ego-ic. It is simply necessary!”~#MarioCampanaro ©

Becoming The Lighthouse


We are living in trying times.

Many may want to deny this fact, but it is my opinion that those who do are simply sleepwalking.

Everywhere we turn we are being faced with issues that threaten the core of our wellbeing.

Our environment is in a complete shambles.

We see Mother nature crying out as its beautiful creatures are withering away into devastating numbers or are now just a memory.

Reefs are dying, glaciers are melting, and the air has the bitter scent of industrial waste floating around in it.

Our food is now a product of test tubes in which we need to be more careful of its poisons rather than trust its nutrition.

And where there is accessibility to healthy eating, we need to take out a loan to afford the costs.

And then there is us as a collective.

Men, women, and little tiny children are being tortured and killed right in front of our eyes.

Our priorities have shifted.

We have become obsessed with fortune, fame, competition, power, and divisiveness than we have of what is best for us as inhabitants of this world that has been gifted to us.

I mean, there is a little red button of hate available for pressing at any moment should we get so pissed off that we decide to obliterate everything.

That is how far we have gone.

Things have to change.

It is no longer effective to speak about light, love, and unity without being active.

We are throwing out these words but rarely are we living them.

They have become more of a costume than they have a piece of our own flesh.

These words have become a commercial for selling ideas, books, memberships, websites, and creating so called famous gurus rather than using their active form as medicinal purposes for our global society.

As a collective, we need to start to scrutinize very carefully where we are and what we are doing that is contributing to the enormous amount of strife that is occurring throughout the world.

Each and everyone of us must take responsibility for changing this frightening dynamic that we are faced with on a daily basis.

We must look at our own thought patterns and behaviors and be willing to become aware of where we may have been taught incorrectly and be willing to make those changes for the benefit of all of us.

This is not easy and it takes many growing pains as our ego deconstructs and we start to see truths that have been hidden to us by unconsciousness.

But we have no choice.

Everything is riding on this shift.

It is our responsibility to become that which we are fighting for rather than mirroring that which we are against.

We need to connect, converse, and be present in ways greater than that which we perceive as adversity.

We need to practice connection, compassion, understanding, and kindness; not just share the idea.

As a species that has been blessed with such beautiful intelligence, we need to use it for our expansion and not our destruction.

It is up to us, the human race (and if you are reading this, that includes you) to keep our minds, hearts, and spirits open to mend our brokenness and recalibrate for a beautiful tomorrow.

We can no longer just speak words of change and transformation.

We have to BECOME them.

Each and everyone of us must BE the lighthouse in this storm.

Your Personal Storm Is Your Wake Up Call



We never really understand the saying “the dark before the storm” unless we allow ourself to bear witness to experiencing what that really means.

I think the best answer I can give up to this point is that for everything good and true, the opposite exists as an illusion (for truth cannot be in flux and is at the center of all things good, whole, and complete.).

This is not so much a choice but more so a reminder that somewhere/somehow there has been some dreamt detour from what is good and true and, boy/girl, some growth is about to happen!

But for that growth to happen, there MUST be a stimulus that initiates the dive into discovering truth for oneSelf rather than it being doctrinated by another’s interpretation of it .

Very often, or I should say most likely, this knocks on our life’s door as some type of strife or intense obstacle.

When this so called opposite is dreamt up and therefore “experienced”, there is a sleepwalk away from truth and this temporary season is the series of learning lessons that bring us to that inevitable waking moment.

This can be a long painful journey and it takes a lot of work, patience, self nuturing, self guidance, and intuition.

But without fail these growing pains strengthen our inner constitution and complete our connection to who we are and where we come from.

Yes it hurts.

It hurts so bad that it’s good.

The more difficult the journey, the stronger we become.

So when that dark hour sneaks in, it is worthy to greet it with gentle gratitude as it is holding our hand and walking us straight to our own awakening.

There is no escape and fear is fruitless.

But our glorious metamorphosis is inevitable as long as we are willing to believe that the truth will indeed set us free.

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