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Understanding Character…Understanding Humanity…Understanding Survival…

In this Masterclass lecture, we discuss the necessary self-exploration when it comes to approaching character and the world he, she or they reside in. It is not so much about the actor being just a “storyteller” as an instrument for what a writer has created. It is beyond that. It is about allowing oneself to be a “storyliver” in the world of the circumstances. It is also not so much about the actor trying to find a way to morph that writing and that character so it is a “comfortable fit”. But more so, about really exploring within to discover that character’s essence, life and truth within the actor so that character’s life can then be revealed and lived fully and truthfully in the space by the actor. It is a self-discovery process married with awareness, observation, research, taking in all aspects of oneself and life, and of course, the power of how it all stimulates the actor’s imagination. The process can be intimidating at times depending on the circumstances. One that requires the actor to courageously dive deep within. And also one that asks the actor to go about compassionately understanding humanity and how all humans function individually based on one’s own history, experiences, tools and the ability to survive day to day as life unfolds. As the actor goes on this journey, he, she, or they will find that everything needed already resides within so long as the heartfelt commitment to finding the truth is present. This is where transformation happens not only within the actor, not only within the artist, not only within the work itself but also within all those witnessing the moving artistry and truth that the actor lives on the stage and screen.
I hope you enjoy this heartfelt Masterlcass lecture.


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