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Resistance: Risky Business…

In this Masterclass interview, we discuss how very often our resistance to our own growth is one of the biggest things standing in the way of our own forward momentum. We discuss what our training as artists is all about. Very often we can easily get caught up in the idea of having to “perform“, having to “be perfect or right“, having to be “on“,  or even having to prove “something” to our fellow ensemble members and/or the teacher. That is the exact opposite of what should be happening. The participation in any acting studio or ensemble should really focus on committed like-minded professionally-oriented actors coming together and wholeheartedly holding space to explore, discover, learn, grow, expand, share, support and cultivate the craft of acting. There should be the focus of committed like-minded professionally-oriented actors coming to work, to really do the work knowing each and everyone is there respectfully for the work. And more often than not, it is there where committed like-minded professionally-oriented actors come to find their tribe, their artistic home, their creative family, their ensemble. But that environment should not be used to contemplate our worth. We have to know we are worthy. That environment should not be used to ruminate about the respect we deserve. We have to know we are deserving of respect. That environment should not be used to ponder if we should be seen and heard. We have to know we have the right to be seen and heard.Part of being an artist in any learning environment is in the knowledge of what we are there to do and why. That does not mean we will not be challenged. Because we will. We will all the time. In fact, that is why we there. Challenges allow for growth as long as our resistance does not hold us back from our very own growth. But we cannot get that famously sought out “breakthrough” until there is an honest awareness and a profound understanding of what it is we are actually trying to overcome and learn. We have to be honest with ourselves and remain open to learning and growing.  Otherwise, we just remain on a merry-go-round of unuseful resistance and continue to have an un-evolved cyclical stagnant experience. Not ideal for an artist. We have to dive deep within ourselves and the work to discover all the treasures. And sometimes the true learning may have to come from the unlearning of what was once learned. One of the biggest obstacles we may have to face as actors is developing a tough enough skin to remain open and available to the work as the work challenges us in a myriad of ways. Very often the work is going to hold a mirror up to us and sometimes it is not going to be pleasant to face things that are stifling us or holding us back. But as actors, we have to be willing to stand up and face the music. There is no room for escapism in our kind of work. As actors, as artists, we have to be OK with allowing our instrument to experience discomfort as we grow. We cannot resist or shy away from it for it is that very discomfort that is the exact ingredient to our growth and to fulfilling the most complex realities of the most complicated circumstances. Our discomfort is pregnant with the substance needed to be utilized in our work. We have to be courageous enough to actually step out of the “safety blanket” of the ego, and into the reality of all that delicious discomfort as the artistic warriors that we are. It is through our instrument that we become the vessel to living the most complex, complicated and even inexplicable essence of the human condition in a very public way. But that kind of necessary bravery has to be consistently and safely worked on without consciously trying to run away from it. We have to confront it in the moment and work through it in the moment. It does not just magically happen when we step onto the stage. Working through it, void of resistance is how real learning begins. We have to stay the course. We cannot let what we were not able to overcome or achieve yesterday hold us back from what we may be able to overcome and achieve today. The fact that we continue to stretch our limits and openly reveal ourselves is a true testament to our inner strength, creativity, and light as artists. Do not take for granted the fearlessness that this art-form demands. As I always say in all of my classes, it is not for the faint of heart. The artist’s way is to persevere.
I hope you enjoy this interview.
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Creative Healing: Breaking The Structure Of What Imprisons Us


It is said that doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity.

When we really take a moment to contemplate the depths of this, it is absolutely true.

Who wants to live the same thing over and over?

Staying in that kind of set structure without the desire to expand and grow creates utter stagnation and deprives us all of the gifts of evolution that Life has in store for each of us.

As artists…

As co-creators…

As human beings..

It is in our genetic makeup to crave growth and expansion and then contribute all we can to the world through our chosen mediums in order to continue that expansion process for the greater good.

However, when something new challenges our set belief system and daily routine, defense mechanisms kick in.

Fear seizes us and causes us to lock down on the familiar convincing us that some imaginary net is keeping us safe from the unpredictable tightrope of Life.

But that is false.

It is actually staying in the familiar that is causing our own demise because it deprives us of the growth that can only happen by experiencing the newness Life has to offer.

We MUST be open to change.

We MUST be willing to break the structure in order to experience a higher level of consciousness.

However, growth and expansion cannot happen unless there is a willingness to sit with the discomfort that often accompanies change.

Whether we are aware of it or not…

Whether we like it or not…

There is no escape from this simply because by the laws of nature itself, each and every moment requires a physical, mental, emotional, and yes, even spiritual shift within us.

As we consciously begin to accept this, we can begin the process of truly activating it in our everyday Life.

Along the way, there will be many twists and turns challenging our belief system all the while adjusting it.

Trust that all has been set in place so that our soul can discover and experience the greatest possible evolution contracted for its journey.

As we go deeper into dismantling stagnation, it can feel somewhat overwhelming due to the restructuring of Life from a colloquial essence to that of an acute awareness.

This is the beginning of change in and of itself.

This is the healing and metamorphosis process.

And this process may not always be experienced as what may be labelled as ‘positive’.

It may have taken an enormous accumulation of traumatic and emotional toxins to result in a present state of stagnation.

As these stored poisons energetically release from Life, there might possibly be an unpleasant cleanse mirroring the cause.

We must not be surprised if there are even moments during which we feel ‘locked’ in our head, ‘paralyzed’ in our body, or even uncomfortable and unpredictable emotional/physical pains emerging.

Very often this is the ego trying to desperately avoid change and hold onto its ‘safe identity’ while a cleansing/recalibration process takes place.

Be what it may, trust in the light within the process.

Do not resist it.

The only thing that is holding us back from the gifts of the unknown is our fear of the unknown.

Resistance is fear’s energetic way of brainwashing …and we have come way too far to be at the mercy of it.

When we are able to dissolve all useless fear and its resistance through our conscious awareness of it, and seek refuge within, all the blocks that we feel imprison us begin to dissolve and we can experience the change we seek.

And we grow…

And we expand…

And we share…

And we expand…

And we grow…

There awaits not only personal and creative freedom, but also a delicious sense of peace and wellbeing to be enjoyed within daily Life…to continue to share…to grow…and to expand.


The Movie Of Our Mind


Each of us has an inner monologue that manifests as a subtle voice constantly whispering about the present situation in which we are perceiving.

If these circumstances are out of our comfort zone we quite often begin to criticize them.

This perception then begins to inevitably develop a very specific lens of the world in which we live.

We convince ourself that our experience is completely separate from what is going on “out there” and “the others of the world” are to blame.

With that chosen lens, we somehow believe that we release ourself of the responsibility of what we are experiencing when in fact we are the lead players of that very experience.

We go throughout our life, for the most part, unconsciously choosing thought processes based on our historical experiences and then act on them as repetitive as Pavlovian dogs .

We create this movie in our mind’s eye that brainwashes us into thinking our thoughts are the one and only truth.

As this happens, our mind, like a projector, creates that actual story into our reality because our reality can only be experienced by what the brain is willing to formulate.

We get so wrapped up in the story, like when we are sitting at the cinema, that this does indeed become our truth no matter how pleasant or unpleasant that may be.

It’s a cycle of inner dialogue, perception, judgment of whats good or bad based on past experiences, and then the continuous creation of that which pleases or displeases us more and more… over and over again.

However, once we become aware of this inner monologue as the script to the movie in which we are witnessing, we immediately become conscious.

We become the observer and the knower of our being.

Within this consciousness we are able to stand witness to our own thought processes.

We are able to get a “bird’s eye view” of the reality in which we have created.

This can be a very scary truth for a lot of us because it then takes us looking at our life and holding ourself responsible for all that we are willing to experience.

Yes, WILLING, to experience.

The exciting part of this is if we have created a specific movie that we no longer wish to perceive, we have the power to shut that down without judgment, change the film, and begin to witness life differently.

But we must put into practice patience, discipline, self trust, self nurturing, self love, and the willingness to EXPERIENCE a new template through consciousness.

We need to awaken to something new to experience something new.

We can only begin to create a new movie by becoming conscious of that subtle voice and transforming each thought to that which we CHOOSE to experience in the here and now moment.

To choose patterns that truly do serve our best and highest purpose.

The possibilities that this creates for our individual microcosmic experience is astounding.

Just imagine the possibilities that could occur on our planet if we made this adjustment for the best and highest purpose of the macrocosmic experience.

Can you then see that movie?

Jumpstart The Pursuit Of Truth


“Short circuit the need to be right and jumpstart the pursuit to the truth. Only then can there be an honest opening of change towards the improvement of presentcircumstances.”~#MarioCampanaro ©