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Art(ists), As Warriors!

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Transcript Of Video:

“ ‘Why do I think art is important?’…

Because I think art says what nobody else is willing to say.

I think art speaks loudly in the face of doctrine to say:

‘Just because you are saying this is true, does not necessarly mean it is…’

I think art says:

‘We are not willing to be brainwashed…’

I think art says:

‘Yes, but…’

I think art challenges…

I think art progresses…

I think art looks at reality and sees when something is not working for the best and highest good for us as a collective…

And then it takes that reality and tries to transform it for the better…

And sometimes that means shaking things up…

Yeah, I think artists are some of the bravest people we know…

I think they are warriors…

I think they are the ones that emotionally go to war for mandkind…

I think they are the ones that emotionally…

And even spirtually…

Allow themselves to be a vessel or conduit of change…

A vessel of light for the collective…

‘What is the key component to all artistry?’…

I think compassion…

I think compassion allows us to understand the human condition in a way that does not allow us to judge it…

‘What is the greatest message I have for people?’…

I think it is to know yourSelf…

I think it is really about a discovery of learning who you are…

And really trying to take any kind of obstacles that Life has given you…

And tranform them to serve somehow…

To serve your Self…

To better your Self…

To better who you are…

To better your experience…

But also to help better humanity as a collective…

There is so much suffering in this world…

And we get so lost in greed…

And competition…

And fame…

And fortune…

And power…

But we forget that there is really one thing that matters…

And that is that we are all connected…

We have become so comfortable in our lovelessness…

That Love has come to become an endangered species…

But I think in order to really Love…

You have to understand its opposite sometimes…

You have to understand what Love is not…

You have to understand darkness…

From a primal level…

Because I think only until you are able to understand its opposite…

Can you really appreciate the truth of what Love is…

And then really pursue a mission to do good in the name of Love…

Otherwise it is all smoke and mirrors…

And I think…

We have plenty of that happening…”​~#MarioCampanaro ©️ Interview


In this week’s episode of I had the amazing opportunity to sit down and get up close and personal with @jorgeperezjr @wakingupwithryan speaking about some vulnerable subjects that I do not often reveal.

We dive deep into how and why I work the way I do with actors, artists, and those persevering in overcoming personal obstacles.

I open up about my relationship with healing chronic illness, my relationship with Spirit, my own personal obstacles, and the experiences which have brought me to where I am today.

This is one discussion about hope, love, and inspiration that you won’t want to miss! Thanks for having me on guys!
Be sure to check it out here and or on iTunes

You can also listen to the podcast at the link below:

Don’t You Dare Trash Your Dreams! Ten RE-minders To Keep Them Alive!


Let’s face it.

The life of an actor, or any artist for that matter, is no cakewalk.

There are seasons of tremendous accomplishment and then there are seasons of utter drought and despair.

The ups and downs of our beloved art-form/industry are unfortunately realities that come with the territory.

The average person walks on a somewhat level playing field  having a general idea of where the next step is going to bring him or her while the artist daringly chooses to ride some pretty bumpy waves with the heartfelt hope to get him or her to the beautifully unpredictable destination of his or her dreams.

As riding any wave or wild horse, it is very easy to be thrown off course with chaos/instability and then want to just give it all up for the pool in the backyard or the easy ride on the merry go round.

But after everything you have been through…after all that hard work and perseverance…after all that hope and faith…after all that sacrifice and investment…is it worth trashing everything for something that may be perceived as easier?

Let me tell you this…anything that that does not align with your soul’s purpose and your heart’s greatest desire will never be easier.

There will  always be a price to pay when it comes to giving up something of love.

And you can take that to the bank!

So if times are tough and you are seriously contemplating throwing in the towel, take a minute, catch your breath, and give yourself the opportunity to RE-mind yourself of these ten important facts:

1. The love of the art form.

The love you have for this art form, no matter how trying the circumstances may be, is a tremendous gift.

If you have forgotten how much you love it, RE-mind yourself why your heart hungered for this way of creating in the first place.

Re-member that it is that subtle soul center within you that yearns to reveal your true essence to the world through this chosen creative process.

2. Your support system believes in you.

Very often the journey of an artist can feel isolating and lonely.

Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in temporary disappointments and forget that you are deeply and unconditionally loved by whatever support system you have chosen in your life.

Those loved ones want you to fulfill your dreams and desires just as much as you do.

They may not know nor understand the ups and downs of this industry and the ins and outs of how the process works, but the yearning for your success is there just the same.

3. Look how far you have come.

The fact that you continue to stretch your limits and openly reveal yourself is a testament to your inner strength, creativity, and light as a true artist.

Do not take for granted the fearlessness that this art form demands.

It is not for the faint of heart. The artist continues to persevere where many may have crumbled.

4. It is your heart’s intention.

Your very desire to live your highest purpose as a artist has been the seed that has already been planted in the rich soil of the universe.

Now is the time to nurture that intention and witness yourself achieve that which you wholeheartedly crave to experience.

5. Tomorrow.

The song “What A Difference A Day Makes” contains the ultimate truth.

Life is always in flux.

Anything and everything changes moment to moment.

Knowing this, why would it not flow in your favor?

It is beautifully surprising by what a change in perspective can do for your reality.

Each day is a chance for alchemy.

You must continue to feed that which you desire and hold it in your consciousness as much as possible.

It is as simple as doing something each day that feeds you as an artist.

Even if it is the tiniest little thing, do it!

The greatest painting in the world started with a single stroke of the brush.

6. Hope, hunger, and drive.

The hope, hunger, and drive you have within your heart can move mountains.

Do not underestimate this energy.

Never take for granted how powerful it is at sustaining your artistic journey in order to achieve your lifetime’s purpose.

These qualities are the recipe for dream realization.

7. The “im-possible” is possible.

The notion that dreams can be realized only by “other” people has no value or truth to it.

This is a structured conditioning that needs to be broken and RE-minded in your repertoire of thoughts.

You are the creator of your experience.

Though your journey is not about proving others wrong, it is however, about affirming to yourself that you truly are a powerful being and can achieve any dream you desire to fulfill.

No one should be imprisoned by thoughts of impossibilty.

8. You are necessary.

You are here to share, expand, and grow.

You literally affect everything in this universe.

Your life as an artist is so important to the transformation of our world’s consciousness.

You and your art are the conduit of change.

It may seem minuscule to you, but one life can change an entire planet.

Look at the impact from amazing souls like Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein, Mother Theresa, Steve Jobs, Stephen Harking, Gandhi, Sarah Bernhardt, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando, Martin Scorsese, Anna Magnani, Robin Williams, Meryl Streep, Mozart, Maria Callas, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali,….and on and on.

Each and every one of these people were “normal” people that never gave up on their dreams and first handily made an extraordinarily powerful impact that contributed greatly to transformation of our world.

9. You are an inspiration.

You have no idea how the accumulation of your life experiences revealed through your work can touch so many lives.

You have the capability to enliven all of the previous reasons to fulfill your dreams in another person.

Your life and its story may be the very thing that inspires someone else to go after their own dreams.

You are the RE- minder that the impossible is possible, that their presence is necessary and important, and that they are a small yet big and powerful part of something so inexplicably infinite.

10. There is only one you.

Everyday if you are able to RE-mind yourself that there is only one you and the mold has been broken, you would not be so keen on struggling to be something you are not.

In fact, if you really endow this truth, you would begin to see that all those things that you may have labeled as imperfections are the very thing that make you perfect.

Your star quality is your willingness to reveal the human condition courageously, fully, and freely using your accumulation of life experiences.

It is so beautifully messy.

It is all your imperfections that make you so perfectly human.

You are the instrument to story.

You are the conduit to giving the story Life.

This is the beauty of being an actor.

This is the impact of being an artist.

Bring all of this to your Life and work.

Bring YOU to your work.

The world deserves and loves seeing YOU!

Even Though Others May Have Hurt You…


I will never forget when I was in the first grade, a close friend of mine, (let’s call him He-who-will-not-be-named), said “I hate you!” and proceeded to attack the hair on my head like his life depended on it.

He didn’t let go until my playground guardian angel, which in this case was a teacher’s aid, came over to dissect He-who-will-not-be-named’s little claws out of my carefully sculpted bowl cut.

It was the cat fight of the era according to the popular playground posse.

And when one goes to Bellville Number 5 Elementary School in New Jersey, that holds some weight.

We were both sent to the very terrifying principle’s office, which reeked of Parliaments, and suffered some kind of ridiculous but loud scolding.

Looking back now, the principle’s ferocious yelling did not really address anything but instill fear which had no chance of remedying a broken sacred friendship.

However, I was not really bothered by the hollow consequences of scholastic authority.

The real suffering for me was that I could not shake from my consciousness that someone intentionally sought out to hurt someone else’s which unfortunately was me in this situation.

As a very sensitive ‘artsy’ kid, I just could not let it go.

A week earlier, we were such good friends, talking about putting on a play in my basement called The Beast And The Servant (I think my mother still has a copy of this thirty three year old timeless masterpiece somewhere).

The next minute, I was his nemesis…his target.

It hurt.

My heart hurt which I did not even understand at that age.

I just knew something in my chest felt different than it did the day before and that change did not feel good.

What happened?

What did I do?

Was I a bad friend?

Was I a bad person?

How could someone that I once played, laughed, and talked with about some deep seven year old stuff hate me so much that there was the desire to hurt me?

Thirty three years later I still do not know why He-who-will-not-be-named lashed out like he had. 

We never had the discussion and no one at that time really addressed the issue other than what we did was bad and not to do it again.

I even think we were given detention in separate rooms and never encouraged to talk it out.

There was no communication between me and He-who-will-not-be-named ever again after that.

I guess this was my first introduction to the now common act of ghosting.

I never really received any actual answers to some of those questions which haunted me as a child.

But at forty years old and many gray hairs later, I have done some extensive homework trying to understand why humans behave the way they do for my line of work and is the basis for the way I teach.

I have come to the conclusion that those in pain have received pain, and unconsciously cause pain when triggered.

Even when those things that trigger another are not known by the triggee.

Well, a lot of time has passed and I am lucky to say, that I have not been in any kind of physical altercation since that first grade trauma.

However, I have experienced many other ways that we go about hurting each other.

There are, of course, the global issues which are reprehensible and heart breaking.

But there is also a silent epidemic in which we have allowed ourselves to become complacent.

Our silence is a weapon that can cause a lot of damage.

Our inability or unwillingness to communicate can equally be injurious.

Hiding behind screens allows for miscommunication that could literally destroy relationships.

Even something as simple as a conscious choice to not be supportive or even celebratory for another’s accomplishments can be wounding.

There are so many weapons we use, consciously or unconsciously, that are just as damaging emotionally and spiritually, as He-who-will-not-be-named’s infamous hair pull is physically.

Despite what we may think or even remember, we all have one thing in common…our desire to live a happy, healthy, peaceful life.

We are all doing the best we can with what we have and are always trying to improve our circumstances.

These circumstances shaped the world in which we perceive and cause us to react based on how we are triggered.

However we go about doing that is based on the accumulation of our life experiences and, at the very core, how we received or did not receive love.

This becomes deleterious when these triggers remain unconscious, taking control of our psyche and therefore our actions, allowing us to repeat patterns that are not necessarily in the best interest for ourself or our relationships.

So we never take a moment to look at the full spectrum of relationships to understand how we can truly be affecting another.

We become so one-sided in our needs, that our actions become the very thing that keeps compounding the very cause of why we began responding the way we do.

We get into a viscous cycle of our unconscious pain-body and forget that we are the very thing that keeps it alive.

If it sounds complicated, it is and it isn’t.

It is complicated because we are addicted to our wounds.

It isn’t complicated because our wounds are only trapped energy that can be released and healed through the power of magnetic intention.

But in order to have the intention, there needs to be the awareness and then the will to change.

And in my case, as would be the case for any of us, that awareness and will to change has to start with me.

No matter how much it can hurt at times, I HAVE to keep my heart open without the expectation of someone else’s heart being open.

I HAVE to forgive without the expectation of being forgiven.

I HAVE to find a way to know that my interpretation of events may not be the only truth of what those events are or what caused them.

I HAVE to allow myself a compassionate understanding of circumstances, even when they hurt, without the expectation of compassion from another.

I HAVE to keep inspiring, encouraging, and supporting, without the expectation of being inspired, encouraged, or supported.

I HAVE to find a way to keep loving without the expectation of being loved.

I HAVE to take responsibility and accountability for my experience in this life.

Maybe others will take a similar path.

I hope so but I cannot expect that result.

We have free will within our mind about our experience and the choice is individual based on that chosen perception.

Looking back now, I know He-who-will-not-be-named must have been in pain that day. 

Maybe something happened at home.

Maybe he was going through something treacherous and did not know how to cope.

Maybe he lashed out at me because he knew I loved him as a friend and it would be ok.

Maybe he lashed out because he needed me and had no idea how to ask.

Maybe he just needed a freakin’ hug!

Maybe had we understood these simple yet complex issues…

Maybe if we had a chance to open up a dialogue addressing the root of the pain…

Maybe He-who-will-not-be-named and I would still be amazing friends thirty three years later.

But that did not happen and unfortunately history cannot be rewritten.

So to my friend in first grade…as the Ho’oponopono prayer goes…

I Am Sorry.

Please Forgive Me.

I Love You.

Thank You.

Thirty three years later, I am thankful for that confusing incident.

It has been an amazing on going learning lesson.

He-who-will-not-be-named was never really an enemy.

He was a teacher.
And so we all keep on going and learning along the way…

PS, I never forgot your name, my friend.

NOW Is The Time


“NOW is the time to put into practice words like ‘light and love’. We must come together and marry the power of our minds with the power of our hearts in pursuit of shifting destructive energies to that which will protect and heal our beloved brothers and sisters from any and all present and future catastrophic obstacles.”~#MarioCampanaro©

The Ultimate Flaw Of The Soul

Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 10.11.09 AM

“Hatred and bigotry is the ultimate flaw of the soul producing diseases of the mind in the form of ignorance, fear, and violence. The cure starts right now with each and everyone of us standing up and transmuting such deplorable poisons.”~#MarioCampanaro ©

One Drop Of Love


“One drop of love from your heart could feel like an ocean to another. There is no need to be so cautious giving from what you were created.”~#MarioCampanaro ©

The Job Of The Artist


“This is the job of the artist:
To see what others are not willing to see…To face what others are not willing to face…To use an anthem of love and compassion marching into the emotional trenches of the human condition and facing it, head on, in pursuit of a better tomorrow.”~#MarioCampanaro ©

Loving Yourself Enough


“Love yourself enough to choose what/who is good to you, for you, and about you. Never compromise when it comes to these three necessities.”~#MarioCampanaro ©

Your Life’s Purpose


“There is absolutely no mistaking when you are connected to your life’s purpose. Your heart will feel blissful and ache at the same time. That is the language of how love claims its presence.”~#MarioCampanaro ©

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