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The Movie Of Our Mind


Each of us has an inner monologue that manifests as a subtle voice constantly whispering about the present situation in which we are perceiving.

If these circumstances are out of our comfort zone we quite often begin to criticize them.

This perception then begins to inevitably develop a very specific lens of the world in which we live.

We convince ourself that our experience is completely separate from what is going on “out there” and “the others of the world” are to blame.

With that chosen lens, we somehow believe that we release ourself of the responsibility of what we are experiencing when in fact we are the lead players of that very experience.

We go throughout our life, for the most part, unconsciously choosing thought processes based on our historical experiences and then act on them as repetitive as Pavlovian dogs .

We create this movie in our mind’s eye that brainwashes us into thinking our thoughts are the one and only truth.

As this happens, our mind, like a projector, creates that actual story into our reality because our reality can only be experienced by what the brain is willing to formulate.

We get so wrapped up in the story, like when we are sitting at the cinema, that this does indeed become our truth no matter how pleasant or unpleasant that may be.

It’s a cycle of inner dialogue, perception, judgment of whats good or bad based on past experiences, and then the continuous creation of that which pleases or displeases us more and more… over and over again.

However, once we become aware of this inner monologue as the script to the movie in which we are witnessing, we immediately become conscious.

We become the observer and the knower of our being.

Within this consciousness we are able to stand witness to our own thought processes.

We are able to get a “bird’s eye view” of the reality in which we have created.

This can be a very scary truth for a lot of us because it then takes us looking at our life and holding ourself responsible for all that we are willing to experience.

Yes, WILLING, to experience.

The exciting part of this is if we have created a specific movie that we no longer wish to perceive, we have the power to shut that down without judgment, change the film, and begin to witness life differently.

But we must put into practice patience, discipline, self trust, self nurturing, self love, and the willingness to EXPERIENCE a new template through consciousness.

We need to awaken to something new to experience something new.

We can only begin to create a new movie by becoming conscious of that subtle voice and transforming each thought to that which we CHOOSE to experience in the here and now moment.

To choose patterns that truly do serve our best and highest purpose.

The possibilities that this creates for our individual microcosmic experience is astounding.

Just imagine the possibilities that could occur on our planet if we made this adjustment for the best and highest purpose of the macrocosmic experience.

Can you then see that movie?

It Is All About Love


“When really considered, everything we do in life has love at the core level. Every action we take somehow someway is about love. Either getting it or not getting it. Either giving it or not giving it. Whether it is receiving it or giving it, it is all about love. Love is who we are. It always has and always will be. Fact check that as a REAL political statement!”~#MarioCampanaro ©

Problems…We All Got ‘Em!

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We live in a day and age of “problems”.

Yes problems!

We all have them and we all want to get rid of them.

And our problems are definitely worse than that guy’s petty issues over there.

On our initial quest to overcoming these roadblocks, we usually search for that quick fix that will make it instantaneously ok.

If that doesn’t work, then “Maybe it is all in your head, my dear. Have you tried Prozac?”.

Frustration builds, muscles tighten, and we start to blame everything and everyone that we know to loosen our own responsibilty of this present Life we are surviving.

So here we are, alone, stuck in a world of dilemma, as if it were the quicksand of our soul.

We suffocate with emotions of discouragement, despair, depression, anxiety, fear, anger, resentment, and unfortunately in many cases, the danger of hopelessness.

Our problems are the bondage that keep us from our greatest potential.

Ugh, how do we get out of this mess?

Let’s face it, Life is a complicated puzzle that requires a dive into the unknown.

Even when one part of the equation is so-called “solved”, another storm comes to shake things up.

We fight for survival.

We fight for stability.

We fight for that idea of what we believe our Life should or at the very least could be.

So now we experience all those moments of frustration and fatigue from the continual process of searching for answers to unanswerable questions.

We taste painful moments of gutteral tears because the desire to live Life’s fullness feels so limited.

Then there is the inexplicable isolation as we get swallowed by our own labyrinth of journeying to salvation.

What is happening? OMG!  How did this happen? WTF?!

Eventually things become so complicated, so terrifying, so chaotic, that finally everything short circuits…

Everything stops.

All of the sudden there is foreign silence.

There is a strange peace.

There is unfamiliar perspective.

We begin to breathe.

We begin to surrender.

We begin to connect to a divine intelligence within us that changes the channel from “Why me?” to “OK, I’m listening.”

Our problems have not shown up in our Life as a punishment.

In fact, it is quite the opposite.

All this time we have spent running from the thing that we have labeled as torture when it has actually been the spark that ignites our transmutation.

When we finally let go, we realize that our problems are a gift of profound transformation.

They require us to ask questions of ourself that we would not normally do so.

They make it possible to release things and relationships that no longer serve our best and highest good.

They strengthen our will.

They deepen our faith.

They ignite our perseverance.

They hold us accountable.

The force us into the NOW.

They plant the seed for creativity which far exceeds what we ever thought possible.

They open us mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

The truth of the matter is that the real miracle of all our obstacles is that they leads us to a journey home.

They stimulate the journey of self love.

They make us warriors for our own well being.

They turn us into seekers of truth and authenticity.

When we are truly able to connect with and trust that place within ourself, things start shifting.

All of the sudden the answers start showing up easily and accurately .

Health, peace, bliss, joy, happiness, creativity, realized dreams,  abundance, and love become the byproducts of everything we once resisted.

So when all Life’s problems begin to overwhelm and we ask ourself , “What the hell does it take to get out of this mess?”

The answer is and always has been YOU.


Yes, YOU.

It is all YOU.

YOU have it all within you.

And it is greater than you have ever been led to believe.

The First Lesson I Ever Taught 17 Years Ago


This is the first lesson I taught 17 years ago and I still stand by it 17 years later:

“Your truth is your perfection. In the very thing you consider your obstacle lives your opening.”~#MarioCampanaro©

The Truth


“The truth is simple. It does not need bells and whistles to reveal itself. It does, however, require awareness to decipher between it and a representation of it.”~#MarioCampanaro ©

It Is All Worth It


“You will live. You will struggle. You will not give up. You will learn. You will overcome. You will help others suffering. You will love. You will go home. You will finally rest. You will remember it was worth it.” ~#MarioCampanaro ©

Art(ists), Support, & Alchemy…

This is the second video I published dedicated to artists of all genres.

Its main focus is on the ability of the artist to become his or her own support system especially in times when it is lacking personally and/or professionally.

This video also discusses how we have everything within us to be the alchemists of our own Life experience.

“We all have a similar story where we feel like we haven’t been supported in our endeavors.

My response to that is…

Normally when you don’t have the support of others it rarely has something to do with you.

It really has to do with another person’s viewpoint of what they think your trying to achieve or not achieve.

And very often that is a false perception.

However, support, of course it is important, but before you can get the support of anybody else, you have to get the support of yourself.

And really understanding that everything and EVERYTHING you want to realize in your life is in your own responsible hands.

You have to be accountable for that which you desire.

You have to be your own cheerleader.

You have to be your own teacher.

You have to be your own healer.

You have to be your own support system.

You have to be your own best friend.

And if any of those are lacking you have some serious work to do to see how you can fulfill those roles for yourself.

You know, I really believe that we have been given everything to achieve that which we desire.

And sometimes life gives us obstacles in order for us to realize our own power.

To realize that we are capable of taking the most heinous circumstances and transforming them into our blessing.

And transforming them from coal into a diamond.

You know, if I listened to everybody that told me what my outcome was going to be I’d be dead.

But I took everything I had in myself to really go in and understand what my demons were (and I am still doing it…it is a process).

But understanding what in me is allowing these obstacles to keep happening?

What in me is keeping me from understanding my full potential?

What in me is allowing the world to feel dark?

What in me is allowing the world to feel limited?

And once I started to allow myself to look at those circumstances that I am allowing to live in my head I started to be able to transform them.

Little by little.

That definitely comes with growing pains.

But throughout that whole process the thing that I have learned is that the more I depended on other people the more I gave my power away.

The more I thought the answer was out there the more I needed more answers.

The more I turned in the more I started realizing that everything and EVERTHING already resided within me.

I just needed the balls to trust myself.

I needed the courage to know that I am enough.

I needed the heart to understand that I am my own healer.

I needed the strength to look at myself in the mirror and say “Ya got some work to do!”.

And then have the will to actually do that work.

You see, we are taught that everything we need resides somewhere “out there”.

We are taught that somebody else has the answer.

We are taught that if you follow this book it is going to find the way for you.

We are taught that if you go to this doctor he is going to have the answer for you.

We are taught that if you go to this guru, or this mentor, or this person or that person, they are going to give you the answer to your life.

But what we are not told is that the answer we are looking for IS US!

We are our own mirror but we have to be willing to look in that mirror.

We are our own path but we have to be willing to walk our path.

We are our own salvation if we are willing to allow ourself to see that we truly do have the power to be our own salvation.

We are the very thing that either gets in the way of our desires or the very thing that sets us free to experience that which we desire.

And this isn’t some self help bullshit.

This is actually our birthright.

This is actually what we’ve been given.

No matter what the circumstances are, there is always a way if there is a will.

As long as you have accountability for yourself…

As long as you have responsibility for yourself…

As long as you have the courage to look at where you may need some transformation…

As long as you have the self love to want to change for the better…

You can achieve anything.

You are a creative being by the nature of how you were created.

So knowing that, as a creative being, you have the ability to create that which you desire.

You have the ability to create alchemy in your own life.

You have the ability to be a warrior of that which you want to experience for your best and highest good.

The only thing that stands in our way is our ego and what we are taught marrying themselves to say that we are not enough.

And the truth of the matter is we are more than enough.

We have always been more than enough.”


The Truth About The Truth


“If you are still seeking the truth you are most likely missing it.” ~#MarioCampanaro ©

The Staring Contest Of Your Life


“When you come face-to-face with fear, don’t you dare run away. Look at it in the eye, grin, flip it the bird, and choose to participate in the staring contest of your life.”~#MarioCampanaro ©

Opposing Forces


“Just as a ray of light cannot show itself without the help of its opposing force, we also have to come to the realization that our own light shines brightest by our darkest hours illuminating our true nature.”~#MarioCampanaro ©

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