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Let Go Of Holding On


Boat and anchor, Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu, India

One of the most complex issues we tend to face as artists is the whole notion of finding a way to get out of our way.

Time and time again, it seems like this topic of conversation comes up when addressing the myriad of obstacles that, without fail, inhibit the desired freedom we desperately crave in our work and our lives.

In my eighteen years of teaching and coaching, I have found that this question always seems to be common ground:

“What do I do so I can break free?!”

The best piece of advice I can ever give is to let go of holding onto what you have thought or still think things are suppose to be or how they are suppose to go.

I know when we face questions such as this, it is most likely being stirred up because a specific moment in time is being experienced as complicated, difficult, stifling, and/or even painful.

It is especially during these times that we want to clench onto what feels familiar by believing it serves as some sort of “life preserver” preventing us from drowning in the unknown.

But sometimes it is our holding onto the familiar that is actually the very thing that is keeping us in the circumstances from which we are trying to break free.

So I propose these question back in response to the original question:

“Did you ever ask yourself what is keeping you from letting go of how or what you think things are suppose to be or look like?

Why is it so difficult to just let go?

What if you just let go?

What if you face and embrace the unknown?

What if beyond that wall of your everyday rigid belief system and structure lives the key to your freedom, to your healing, and to that creative bliss you yearn for as an artist?

And as a human being?

What if the unknown is not the enemy you may be defining it as?

What if it is the “hallelujah” you have been seeking?”

You see, all those “things”…

All those “experiences”…

All those “thoughts”…

All those “relationships”…

That we are very often holding onto with such strict definitions, blueprints and expectations…

That we may think are the rock that is keeping us sound and safe and stable…

May also be the very things that may be holding us down and back from our greatest potential.

It is like an anchor holding a ship in its harbor…

Yes, that anchor serves it’s purpose…

But when the ship is ready to move on to its next destination, that anchor needs to go so the ship can go to where it supposed to be.

Sometimes we have to just let go…

And I know it is difficult…

I know it is scary…

But we have to trust that the unknown has the answer for us…

We have to trust that if we move on…

What is meant to come to us will come…

And trust that it is in our best and highest purpose.

And trust that it is for our good.

And to get there, we have to be willing to do the work.

We have to be willing to face what is not serving us and LET IT GO to make room for what does.

And we have to have the strength, perseverance, willingness, self trust and self love to do this kind of work on our own.

Of course others may be of service but the truth is, it is ALL YOU.

It can ONLY happen from and through you.

So do yourself the favor and break free from any and all “anchors” that are not good to you, for you, and about you.

Then climb over that tall wall no matter how difficult it may be.

Use your blood, sweat, and tears to find your freedom and finally meet your true Self, your realized Self, and your actualized dreams on the other side.

Once you get there, I guarantee you will wonder why you held onto all the other stuff as long as you had.


Warning! Acting Actually Requires You Knowing What You’re Doing!


Last week I got a call from an actress that was referred to me by a long time student and private client.

I could tell the moment we started speaking that this is one of those actors that really really has respect for this art form.

I could hear in her voice she has that burning hunger that I personally love to witness that keeps the actor going deeper and deeper into the work.

It is quite clear that along with her remarkable talent, she has amazing instincts and intuition that have carried her very far in her career.

She has had a lot of success on a number of tv shows and is now being given the rare opportunity to bring her gifts to the stage in a city that is not very forgiving when it comes to standards.

She has signed all the contracts and in a few months she will play a very complicated and layered role in a new two and a half hour drama minus a much needed fifteen-minute intermission.

And yes, she has to do eight shows a week.

There will be no “Action!”

There will be no “Cut!”

And you guessed it…

There will be no editing to pick and choose the very best takes to bring the perfect performance together!

There will just be her, the ensemble, the set, the props, the lighting, the sound, the arc as laid out by the text that she will have to live without stopping two and a half hours a show, eight shows a week, and about two thousand people in the audience who paid about $150-$300 sitting there to watch her do it.

In short, there is nowhere to hide and no one/no thing to hide behind.

There is no stopping and starting over.

It is happening right now and the stakes are as high as they can possibly be!

That’s the beautiful danger of theater Life!

It is the actor’s true home requiring and even testing our technical accountability to make it through such a deliciously challenging process.

So you can imagine the panic in her voice as she shared:

“I just don’t know what I am doing! I can’t get there on my own! I take class. I have literally taken class all over the place. I mean I get these notes and sometimes I have no idea what they mean. And then within a lot of the class setups, I am scared to actually ask what these notes mean because I don’t want to ruffle anyone’s feathers. But shouldn’t they make sense if they are being given to an actor? Shouldn’t I know what I am doing by now? And then I feel like it is up to luck if things go well in the space or not. Sometimes I am in it and sometimes I am not. And even when my work goes well, I have no idea how I got there. Yeah, I guess it is luck. I always seem to have a breakthrough when I get these random adjustments, but then I have no idea how I can use what just happened from the adjustment without being handed the adjustment to get the breakthrough. So I leave feeling great about the breakthrough I just had from the adjustment but I always seem to have to wait for the adjustment just so I can have the breakthrough. I am literally addicted to adjustments!… to get the breakthrough to discover some kind of opening in which, at this point, I am not even sure has anything to do with the life of the actual text. It’s like I am always being directed rather than learning what the hell I am doing! And I want to know what the hell I am doing! I feel so damn stuck! And I am actually also a little angry that I am still in this position for this long. And worse, I feel absolutely lost! And so I am actually scared to do what I love doing! How the hell am I suppose to do this eight shows a week! What did I say ‘yes’ to? I am terrified!!!”

Before we hung up, we set up a meeting, and then I asked if it would be ok if I dedicated my next blog to this subject and share her story anonymously as I know all too well she is not alone in this predicament.

She agreed as long as I promised to help her “find her way out of the predicament”.

We laughed and I was honored to be brought onto her team.

Unfortunately this is not an isolated conversation.

I am disheartened as I am introduced to more and more actors revealing to me how distraught they are by not getting this “thing” that they seem to knowingly or unknowingly be looking for.

Despite reading numerous acting books, scrutinizing award-winning performances, participating in numerous workshops, and jumping from this studio to the next, there still seems to be something missing that is leaving the actor with a very large question mark about this “thing” they so inexplicably love.

So what’s missing?


I can tell you, without hesitation, what is missing.


No matter what day and age we are in, though “styles” may have changed throughout the ages, the basis of all acting has not:

PLain and simple:

Life, circumstances, relationships, needs within those circumstances and relationships, obstacles to overcome in order to improve circumstances and relationships, and doing all we can that is in line with the text to achieve those needs with the hope of living in one way or another some kind of  peaceful, happy, successful, loving life as indicated by the givens of the text.
Basically what you would know in life, so would the character!

Because all that makes the unknown of the moment possible.

Without it, you are telling your own story and swimming in your own pool of who knows what.

We need tools that will help us physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually do the work.

Just as a ballet dancer needs to know all the technicalities to do a thousand faute turns, the actor also needs to have a set of tools supporting him or her to do the work.

If you want to live in the chaos of the unknown or moment, you have to be aware of what is known to do just that!

And of course, the perfect test of action is can you, the actor, do a play that is two and a half hours, eight shows a week, and still have a consistent, alive, uninhibited, organic and visceral performance as well as the vocal and physical stamina to do your job and tell the story truthfully using the full spectrum your instrument?

And let’s be honest, this is not just reserved for the theater.

Any actor that has the talent, sophistication, know-how, and ability to be dependable and accountable is an actor that has a long life in this business whether it be stage or screen.

I always say at nauseum to my students and clients:

“An actor that is always working…
is an actor that has always done the work!”

So here is my short answer to this unfortunate dilemma.

How do you live moment to moment in relation to the circumstances of the text?


How do you live in the unknown of the moment?


How do you use your listening in relationship to filter wants and needs that drive your character’s story forward?


How do you emotionally live the arc of your character?


How do you get to where the text indicates?


How do you have a clear relationship with others including your environment and objects that still tell the story?


How do you discover the physical or vocal attributes of your character?


How do you make sense of your lines so they are not something you are just saying but they have an intention to improve your character’s circumstances moment to moment?


How do you organically give birth to the lines you are saying?


How do you viscerally understand what is happening between the lines?


How do you completely bring your character to life using the accumulation of your life experiences as the instrument to the world of your character?


How do you live in the chaos of the life of unknown?


How do you do a two and a half hour show eight shows a week?

By being supported by craft!

If you are seeking answers to these issues and are still saying to yourself:

“I still do not know what the F*$# I am doing!”

It is time for you to take a stand and speak up for yourself because you deserve what you are seeking not only as an actor, but as an artist!

And quite frankly, as a consumer!

There is always something invauable to learn from everyone, but you have to be sure you are learning and can use what you are learning for your career as actor to be active and alive and truthful in the work in relationship to the story!

The fact of the matter is you have the right and obligation as an actor, as an artist, to have a set of tools, a craft, that will always have your back supporting you in any and all of your creative endeavors.

And there is not the way to get there!

But there is a way.

And that way is the way that resonates and stimulates with your instrument to do honest, truthful, exciting, sophisticated, and unpredictable work in relation to the circumstances at hand and that always allows for the quality of your work to be consistent and not dependent on luck!

It supports you in your knowing and therefore in your freedom within the unknown of the moment.

That is the craft that you want to cultivate.

That is the craft you want to continue to work with!

This is a craft that never fails you.

It always has your back.

That is the craft that you can always put to the test, refine, mix and match, while always knowing that you are supported and can find your way!

That is the craft that allows you to throw caution to the wind, dissolve fear, and fall back in love with the process of acting once again!

The Actor’s Job In The Audition…

Transcript Of Video:

“I totally hear what you are saying…

But I encourage you to start shifting the dynamic in which you are going into the room…

Because it sounds like right now you are going into the room with this bulldozer approach of trying to snatch up that role…

And the problem with that is that is where your attention lies…

In the ‘getting’ of that role.

But that is not your job in that moment…

That is casting’s job…

To figure out who is going to play what…

It is your job to go into that room and reveal the life of that role…

To fulfill the demands of the character that the sides are asking you to fulfill…

And to go in there and do that in an unpredictable, exciting, authentic, honest, truthful way…

To leave yourself on the walls that shows this what you do as the actor…

This is what you do as an artist…

And trust that that is more than enough to fulfill the demands of that audition…

And leave with your head held high!” Interview


In this week’s episode of I had the amazing opportunity to sit down and get up close and personal with @jorgeperezjr @wakingupwithryan speaking about some vulnerable subjects that I do not often reveal.

We dive deep into how and why I work the way I do with actors, artists, and those persevering in overcoming personal obstacles.

I open up about my relationship with healing chronic illness, my relationship with Spirit, my own personal obstacles, and the experiences which have brought me to where I am today.

This is one discussion about hope, love, and inspiration that you won’t want to miss! Thanks for having me on guys!
Be sure to check it out here and or on iTunes

You can also listen to the podcast at the link below:

Why Settle For The Fern…When You Can Have The Whole Oak Tree?!

Transcript Of Video:

“Yeah, but why settle for the fern when you can have the whole oak tree?!

Don’t you see that it is your idea of what you think that breakthrough is ‘supposed’ to look like that is actually keeping you from receiving the breakthrough?

You are literally being held hostage by your idea of what you think the breakthrough is ‘supposed’ to be…

And therefore you shut the door to possibility.

That does not mean you do not continue to work and pursue your dreams..

And nurture them…

And have active intention…

But there has got to be a point where you surrender…

And trust…

And let go to this universal magic that makes everything grow…

And trust in your heart that you are deserving of the fruits of all that labor.

But right now, you are doing all this work and you are planting those seeds…

But you are sitting there waiting with this active intention of that seedling

And your missing out on the opportunity to receive the oak tree….

(When it’s right for you.)

Because you are so stuck on that little seedling.

Your limiting your possibility by your idea of what it ‘supposed’ to be.” 

The Best Masterclass On Acting…And One Every Actor Should Take!

Yes, but you’re still missing an important part of the equation.

It’s great to be reading all these books, and it’s wonderful to be going to all these classes, and participating in this or that workshop, or reaching out to this or that mentor…

But you’re still going to the middleman when you have full accessibility to go to the main source!

And that’s Life itself!

The very nature of what we do is revealing Life!

So why are we not turning to Life more when it comes to the craft of acting?

If we really want to learn to listen, turn to Life!

If we really want to learn about the pursuit of needs and overcoming obstacles, turn to Life!

If we really want to learn about relationships and circumstances in general, turn to Life!

Life is THE masterclass you will ever participate in.

It has all the answers you will ever need about the craft of acting.

And everything you will learn from it is completely applicable!

Don’t You Dare Trash Your Dreams! Ten RE-minders To Keep Them Alive!


Let’s face it.

The life of an actor, or any artist for that matter, is no cakewalk.

There are seasons of tremendous accomplishment and then there are seasons of utter drought and despair.

The ups and downs of our beloved art-form/industry are unfortunately realities that come with the territory.

The average person walks on a somewhat level playing field  having a general idea of where the next step is going to bring him or her while the artist daringly chooses to ride some pretty bumpy waves with the heartfelt hope to get him or her to the beautifully unpredictable destination of his or her dreams.

As riding any wave or wild horse, it is very easy to be thrown off course with chaos/instability and then want to just give it all up for the pool in the backyard or the easy ride on the merry go round.

But after everything you have been through…after all that hard work and perseverance…after all that hope and faith…after all that sacrifice and investment…is it worth trashing everything for something that may be perceived as easier?

Let me tell you this…anything that that does not align with your soul’s purpose and your heart’s greatest desire will never be easier.

There will  always be a price to pay when it comes to giving up something of love.

And you can take that to the bank!

So if times are tough and you are seriously contemplating throwing in the towel, take a minute, catch your breath, and give yourself the opportunity to RE-mind yourself of these ten important facts:

1. The love of the art form.

The love you have for this art form, no matter how trying the circumstances may be, is a tremendous gift.

If you have forgotten how much you love it, RE-mind yourself why your heart hungered for this way of creating in the first place.

Re-member that it is that subtle soul center within you that yearns to reveal your true essence to the world through this chosen creative process.

2. Your support system believes in you.

Very often the journey of an artist can feel isolating and lonely.

Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in temporary disappointments and forget that you are deeply and unconditionally loved by whatever support system you have chosen in your life.

Those loved ones want you to fulfill your dreams and desires just as much as you do.

They may not know nor understand the ups and downs of this industry and the ins and outs of how the process works, but the yearning for your success is there just the same.

3. Look how far you have come.

The fact that you continue to stretch your limits and openly reveal yourself is a testament to your inner strength, creativity, and light as a true artist.

Do not take for granted the fearlessness that this art form demands.

It is not for the faint of heart. The artist continues to persevere where many may have crumbled.

4. It is your heart’s intention.

Your very desire to live your highest purpose as a artist has been the seed that has already been planted in the rich soil of the universe.

Now is the time to nurture that intention and witness yourself achieve that which you wholeheartedly crave to experience.

5. Tomorrow.

The song “What A Difference A Day Makes” contains the ultimate truth.

Life is always in flux.

Anything and everything changes moment to moment.

Knowing this, why would it not flow in your favor?

It is beautifully surprising by what a change in perspective can do for your reality.

Each day is a chance for alchemy.

You must continue to feed that which you desire and hold it in your consciousness as much as possible.

It is as simple as doing something each day that feeds you as an artist.

Even if it is the tiniest little thing, do it!

The greatest painting in the world started with a single stroke of the brush.

6. Hope, hunger, and drive.

The hope, hunger, and drive you have within your heart can move mountains.

Do not underestimate this energy.

Never take for granted how powerful it is at sustaining your artistic journey in order to achieve your lifetime’s purpose.

These qualities are the recipe for dream realization.

7. The “im-possible” is possible.

The notion that dreams can be realized only by “other” people has no value or truth to it.

This is a structured conditioning that needs to be broken and RE-minded in your repertoire of thoughts.

You are the creator of your experience.

Though your journey is not about proving others wrong, it is however, about affirming to yourself that you truly are a powerful being and can achieve any dream you desire to fulfill.

No one should be imprisoned by thoughts of impossibilty.

8. You are necessary.

You are here to share, expand, and grow.

You literally affect everything in this universe.

Your life as an artist is so important to the transformation of our world’s consciousness.

You and your art are the conduit of change.

It may seem minuscule to you, but one life can change an entire planet.

Look at the impact from amazing souls like Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein, Mother Theresa, Steve Jobs, Stephen Harking, Gandhi, Sarah Bernhardt, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando, Martin Scorsese, Anna Magnani, Robin Williams, Meryl Streep, Mozart, Maria Callas, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali,….and on and on.

Each and every one of these people were “normal” people that never gave up on their dreams and first handily made an extraordinarily powerful impact that contributed greatly to transformation of our world.

9. You are an inspiration.

You have no idea how the accumulation of your life experiences revealed through your work can touch so many lives.

You have the capability to enliven all of the previous reasons to fulfill your dreams in another person.

Your life and its story may be the very thing that inspires someone else to go after their own dreams.

You are the RE- minder that the impossible is possible, that their presence is necessary and important, and that they are a small yet big and powerful part of something so inexplicably infinite.

10. There is only one you.

Everyday if you are able to RE-mind yourself that there is only one you and the mold has been broken, you would not be so keen on struggling to be something you are not.

In fact, if you really endow this truth, you would begin to see that all those things that you may have labeled as imperfections are the very thing that make you perfect.

Your star quality is your willingness to reveal the human condition courageously, fully, and freely using your accumulation of life experiences.

It is so beautifully messy.

It is all your imperfections that make you so perfectly human.

You are the instrument to story.

You are the conduit to giving the story Life.

This is the beauty of being an actor.

This is the impact of being an artist.

Bring all of this to your Life and work.

Bring YOU to your work.

The world deserves and loves seeing YOU!

OMG! Where Is The Miracle Breakthrough Already?!


Have you ever spent time contemplating that age ole question…

Why me?!

It is one of those internal dialogues that secretly plagues each and everyone of us as the rest of the world seems to have their $#*+ together.

Looking out there life seems to be easy and the others seem to be getting ahead.

They all seem to be happy, peaceful, blissful, successful, talented, handsome/pretty, in shape, healthy…

My God…

They have EVERYTHING I want…

They have EVERYTHING I need…

Meanwhile you struggle in silence hoping to have some miraculous breakthrough in that thing that seems to be holding you back from achieving your Life’s grand purpose.

And no matter how hard you try…

No matter how much work you put in…

The miracle breakthrough that you have been searching for never seems to show up.

Every little gain made goes out the window because here you are again in the same place you once thought you overcame.

There is no momentum…

There is no change…

The fight seems fruitless.

You become a sort of prey in the web of crappy circumstances ready to be consumed by Life’s dark vector.

So you wait for it to happen.

You wait for the collapse and the consumption.

You live in anticipation of your demise.

And you wait…

And you wait some more…

And yet nothing comes to destroy you.

You sit in the noise of your own hazardous internal monologue…

Or maybe not…

Maybe you put sound to that thought process and sit in a puddle of your own tears asking again out loud…

Why me?!

And maybe some answers start to come.

Maybe that thing is there to guard you from what may not be good for you.

Maybe that thing is there to protect you from what you may not be ready for.

Maybe that thing is there to not to destroy you but to help you expand and grow.

Maybe that thing is there to awaken you to an internal strength that you may not have known you possess.

Maybe that thing is there as a reminder to forgive.

Maybe that thing is there to enlighten you to a depth of love for others you have yet been able to discover.

Maybe that thing is there to enlighten you to a depth of self love you have yet been able to discover.

Maybe that thing is there to teach you in a visceral way what you are meant to share with the world.

Maybe that thing is not the enemy.

Maybe that thing is the stepping stone to your own victory

Maybe that thing that you feel is holding you back, is the very thing you NEED to be introduced to your own happiness, your own peace, your own bliss, your own success, your own talent, your own beauty, your own health, and your own vitality.

Is it scary?

Oh yeah…it is scary as F(*^!

But no growth has ever come without growing pains.

And if that thing has come into your Life, you have the power to transmute it.

All you can do is continue doing the very best you can with what you have and never lose hope or faith in your own ability to overcome it.

If someone comes to help along the way…HALLELUJAH!

But if not…


Each and everyone of us has the power within to transform even the worst of circumstances into our very own blessing that can then be shared with the rest world.

So hold on…

You got this…

It may take some time…

But if you are reading this right now…

You have been blessed with the time to do it.

So keep going!

Changing The Audition Perspective


“Maybe it is not so much that you are auditioning as a test to see if you are good enough for a specific role…but that the universe is auditioning the specific role as a test to be sure that the role is good enough for you.”~#MarioCampanaro ©

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