An Actor’s Medicine


Let’s get personal…

As actors, it is not uncommon to have an extremely sensitive and even empathic instrument.

We willingly live our lives experiencing the deepest level of the human experience.

We expose our deepest self to the world not only because of choice but also a divine calling.

We are messengers of what is hidden.

We are speakers of what is unsaid.

We are un-doers of what is doctrinated.

And we are hopefully the shifters of the human consciousness towards that which is good and true.

However, there are moments in our work when this can feel burdensome.

It can go so far as to manifest to the point that we suffocate in our own despair.

We keep giving and forget the need to nurture ourself.

So we try to reach out to mentors and loved ones hoping that they will say that one thing to help remedy our experience.

Though the intention to help is there, often we don’t get that shift in our feeling life that we crave.

So as highly sensitive individuals, what do we do?

We have to be our own medicine!

This is OUR own journey and the accumulation of our own life experiences which have brought us here and now.

Just as we do not viscerally understand what’s going on in someone else’s life, it is just as impossible for anyone out there to understand what’s going on in our own.

So as artists, what are we to do when we feel lost and broken?

We stop right where we are!

This is a sign that there is too much going on in and around us.

This is a sign that we need to unplug and recalibrate from a world that has become unnaturally fast, toxic, and chaotic with inhuman expectations.

These feelings are a divine gift that notify us that something is off and its time to go within and reconnect to our center.

It is a crucial moment to make the changes we need for our body, mind, emotions, and spirit to heal so we are able to continue our very special path.

We have forgotten that we are not superhuman.

We are not robots.

We are human beings that require a time and space to get in touch with our silence and peace in order to transmute our defiict into something of a higher vibration so we can continue our work.

We forget that this IS part of our work.

This IS part of our process.

This IS part of our growth.

This IS part of our essentials.

THIS is our powerful non-toxic holistically hopefully habit-forming medicine!

A Political Statement For Humanity=Love

It is so easy for us to go through our everyday life sleepwalking.

We become part of the herd.

We listen, believe, and become reactionary to what’s shown and said.

We get lost in the illusions that smother us into submission.

Our defenses go up and we unconsciously are in attack mode.

We can feel this all around us.

We see it every day on the news and throughout the world.

There’s so much anger, rage, hatred, deception,… the list goes on.

We’ve become too comfortable with all the darkness.

It doesn’t make sense.

It’s backwards.

We’ve become more fearful of love, then it’s actual opposite.

We’re scared to show it, we’re scared to say it, and even scared to receive it.

We’re so afraid that the vulnerability that comes with love will destroy us, when in reality it’s the only thing that strengthens us and build us up as a humanity.

So with all the political and social unrest that’s going on in the world, there must be a wake up call as a collective humanity that is greater, louder, and more powerful than this unthinkable unrest.

We need to get back to what’s real and true.

The signs are all around us.

We’re not the sum of what we’re told, and we’re definitely not the accumulation of everything we are taught.

We’re more than that.

Love is who we are, it’s what we’re made of, and it’s where we come from. Anything opposite of that, is a labyrinth of illusion.

It’s deception at the most basic level.

When really considered, EVERYTHING we do in life has love at the core level.

Every action we take somehow someway is about love.

Either getting it or not getting it. Either giving it or not giving it.

Whether it’s receiving it or giving it, it’s all about love.

LOVE is who we are.

It always has and always will be.

Fact check that as a REAL political statement!


Your Personal Storm Is Your Wake Up Call



We never really understand the saying “the dark before the storm” unless we allow ourself to bear witness to experiencing what that really means.

I think the best answer I can give up to this point is that for everything good and true, the opposite exists as an illusion (for truth cannot be in flux and is at the center of all things good, whole, and complete.).

This is not so much a choice but more so a reminder that somewhere/somehow there has been some dreamt detour from what is good and true and, boy/girl, some growth is about to happen!

But for that growth to happen, there MUST be a stimulus that initiates the dive into discovering truth for oneSelf rather than it being doctrinated by another’s interpretation of it .

Very often, or I should say most likely, this knocks on our life’s door as some type of strife or intense obstacle.

When this so called opposite is dreamt up and therefore “experienced”, there is a sleepwalk away from truth and this temporary season is the series of learning lessons that bring us to that inevitable waking moment.

This can be a long painful journey and it takes a lot of work, patience, self nuturing, self guidance, and intuition.

But without fail these growing pains strengthen our inner constitution and complete our connection to who we are and where we come from.

Yes it hurts.

It hurts so bad that it’s good.

The more difficult the journey, the stronger we become.

So when that dark hour sneaks in, it is worthy to greet it with gentle gratitude as it is holding our hand and walking us straight to our own awakening.

There is no escape and fear is fruitless.

But our glorious metamorphosis is inevitable as long as we are willing to believe that the truth will indeed set us free.

What We May Be Hiding May Just Be What Makes Us A Star!


After coaching on set a few days ago I was RE-minded, yet again, that true star quality comes from the actor’s ability to reveal truth, mask-free, without apologies.

To show the world our individual light without trying to fit into a blueprint of what is “expected”.

Casting directors, directors, and producers are exhausted of seeing the same old performance and quite frankly become disheartened by the dime a dozen approach to the work.

Despite what many may think, the industry is not looking for a carbon copy of the next big star.

It is hungry for someone different that pushes boundaries, captivates the masses, and radiates individuality.

They are looking for that brave soul who shows up fully as they are and thus is able bring themselves to any given project.

It is crucial for us to arrive in our work with all our chaos, messiness, imperfections, and grit without limiting ourself to ideas of what we think is right or correct.

Hiding all of these amazing colors of ourself is in vain as every role we will ever play will be rooted in our given character doing what they can to improve their own life circumstances.

If this is what is required of the role, then it goes without saying, it is demanded of us.

We are the vehicle to bring that written character to life through the accumulation of our own life experiences because we and our imagination are all we have. Our truth is crucial to this business and our brand.

When we truly commit to this way of working, we will begin to experience more freedom, excitement, stimulation, and opportunity.

That’s true stardom!

Find Your Passion ft Mario Campanaro on ™MRWL


I had the pleasure of guest hosting on ™MRWL regarding one of my favorite topics, Passion!
You can ask any actor why they do what they do, and without fail you will always here about the burning passion that lives within their heart for this art form.

But how do we discover our passions?

Can our passions change?

What happens when we feel that the fire that fuels our passions, specifically because of the obstacles we face, seems to dim or even die out?

You can listen to our discussion relating to this topic and more right here!.

The show is also available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio & Tune In Radio to name a few!

“Today is a special episode! We have @mariocampanaro! He’s a Broadway & Film Actor & Acting Coach as well as a teacher at the world famous Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop. AMAW has produced talents such as Shailene Woodley, Ian Michael Harding (Ezra from PLL), Alexandra Daddario to name a few. Honestly one of the most humble and pleasant men we have ever met. Show is packed full of knowledge and value about finding your passion. Also if you ever even thought about acting, do yourself a favor and listen. You can listen on the website or our show is also available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio & Tune In Radio to name a few! ™@myrelationshipwithlove.

Finding your passion is something that everyone at some point has struggled with. Special Guest for this episode, Mario Campanaro, really dives deep into the meaning of passion and what it takes to find it. He discusses that all too important “fire in your belly”and what it means when you get there.

Finally he has a book in the works *Coming Soon*
We once again we just want to thank Mario so much for coming on the show and we are thrilled at his success and wish him nothing but the best going forward. What an amazing addition to the Legion guys don’t you think?” ~Edith andDexter, ™@myrelationshipwithlove”

Actual interview starts at 6 min 29 sec

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